How to Check E-Mail from Multiple Computers

There are two ways to check a single e-mail account from multiple computers. The method you use depends on whether your email program is configured to use the POP or IMAP protocol to retrieve mail.

POP Method (default)

If you currently check a single e-mail account from more than one computer, you have probably setup your e-mail programs to "leave a copy of messages on the server" for a certain number of days.

With Google Apps / Gmail, the same basic approach will work, although you do need to make a slight change to your setup to ensure that all computers get a copy of every message that comes through.

Please see the following page for instructions on how to enable Gmail's "Recent" mode:

Note: Due to the way Google Apps groups related messages into conversations, using "Recent" mode may cause the mail you send to appear in your Inbox. We can help you create a filter to eliminate this issue, or you use the IMAP method below (recommended).

IMAP Method (for advanced users)

The IMAP protocol was specifically designed for users that need to access their mail from multiple computers / devices / locations, and is much more powerful than the basic POP protocol.

IMAP does require more time & expertise to setup correctly, and all devices accessing the mailbox must be configured consistently.

Please see the following page for instructions on how to setup IMAP support:

NOTE: Digital Peach can help you setup your mail client for basic IMAP access, however we do not officially support advanced IMAP features or configurations. We'll be glad to steer you in the right direction if you get stuck or need advice; please see our Google Apps support policy page for more info.

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