New Account Instructions

Google Apps users can use any mail client that supports the POP or IMAP protocol to download their mail. We recommend IMAP for most users. POP is easy to setup, but lacks the advanced features of IMAP. IMAP is much more powerful and is ideal when you want to access your mail simultaneously from multiple locations or devices - but it can be a little more difficult to get working just the way you need. Google has published a quickstart guide that provides a good overview of IMAP and its capabilities.

Remember that you always access your mail from any computer with internet access via WebMail.

Technical Support

Digital Peach will be glad to assist you with the setup of your primary e-mail client. Unfortunately, we can't officially support multiple-client configurations. Please see our support policy for more information.

New Account Setup Instructions

Select your e-mail client from the list below for detailed instructions on how to setup your e-mail account for the first time. Digital Peach recommends IMAP for most users.

IMPORTANT: Before using the instructions below, you must first login to WebMail to unlock your new account. Please do this from the same computer you intend to use for checking your mail via POP or IMAP.

  • Outlook Express   POP   IMAP
  • Outlook 2002*   POP  
  • Outlook 2003*   POP   IMAP
  • Outlook 2007*   POP   IMAP  (recommended)
  • Windows Mail   POP   IMAP
  • Thunderbird 2.0   POP   IMAP
  • Thunderbird 3.0   POP   IMAP  (recommended)
  • Apple Mail 3.0   POP   IMAP
  • Other clients   POP   IMAP

*Outlook users: Outlook 2007's support for IMAP is significantly better than any of its predecessors. If you use Outlook and need IMAP access, you'll want to use Outlook 2007. Really.

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