Spam Filtering with Google Apps

In 2007 Digital Peach implemented spam filtering services from Postini, the industry leader in messaging security. (Though you may not know Postini by name, they are the vendor that generates the Digital Peach MailGuard spam summary you receive every day at 5pm.) Postini has since been acquired by Google, and much of Postini's spam filtering technology has been incorporated into the Google Apps e-mail service.

What Will Change

  • You will no longer receive a daily spam summary in your inbox at 5PM each day.
  • All suspected spam will now be delivered to a "Spam" folder in your Gmail account.
  • Messages in your Spam folder will be permanently deleted after 30 days. We cannot recover deleted messages, so please be sure to check your spam folder often!

How to Check Your Spam Folder

  1. Login to your Google Apps / Gmail account (instructions here)*
  2. Click on the Spam link in the folder/label list on the left side of the page
    Note: If you don't see a Spam folder listed, click the "4 more" link to reveal it.

*If you're using an IMAP compatible e-mail client to check your mail (Outlook, etc.), you can view the contents of your Spam folder from within your mail client.

How to Recover Legitimate Messages

If a message in your spam folder is not spam, you can move it back to your inbox.

  1. Click the select box corresponding to the message(s) you wish to move
  2. Click the "Not Spam" button at the top of the message list
  3. The message will now appear in your inbox

How to Whitelist Senders

If legitimate messages from a sender are marked as spam, there are two ways to ensure those messages get through:

  1. Add the sender to your contacts. Mail from contacts usually bypasses the Spam folder.
  2. Create a filter to that allows certain messages to bypass the Spam folder.

How to Disable the Spam Filter

  1. Click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the WebMail (Gmail) page.
  2. Select the Filters tab.
  3. Click the "Create a new filter" link in the middle of the page.
  4. In the From: field, put an asterisk ("*", no quotes)
  5. Click the Next Step button
  6. Select the box next to Never send it to Spam
  7. Click the Create Filter button to finish


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